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Maximize Your Impact: Seamlessly Promote Your Products, Services, and Events


You can advertise your products, services and events on our website.
Here is how it works:

  • Your advert will be placed under the relevant category.
  • It is then placed under the relevant city and country.
  • Potential customers or clients can search for a specific product or service by the relevant category, country and city or town. This will ensure that they will only see adverts or events that are relevant to their location and needs.

Adverts are shuffled automatically when a category is selected.
Events are organised by date with the most recent event appearing first.
If there is more than one event in a given period, the events will be shuffled automatically when the category is selected.

The automated shuffling of the adverts and events ensures fairness, as all advertising is charged at the same rate regardless of the size of the company or their pockets.

ADVERT DESIGN (A5) - R500 Once-Off

Don't have your own full-colour ad? We can help you design one (Size A5).
We'll also send you all the print ready files, so that you can print flyers if you so desire.

Need an ad? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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